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Window And Door Replacement 

Weathering on an Island frequently means windows and doors just don't last as long.
Southern Services provides a knowledgeable inspection, which can mean a replacement of the supporting wood around the openings. Our team works hard to ensure the look of your home is appealing, while providing a long lasting & sound structure. 

Before Shot - Mismatched doors and windows replaced over the years

After Shot - An appealing look, with new wood painted to match the structure. The non-functional doors have been replaced with mullion designed windows appropriate for the structure and climate.

Beach Side Views - Windows can make all the difference in appreciating why we come to an island, and why we stay.

When putting in doors and windows, one must always be aware of the building codes, insurance requirements, and ratings of the materials.  Southern Services has extensive experience working with the town inspectors and all vendors in the local area, including many international brands. In addition to the curb appeal factor, doors and windows have a significant impact in appearance, enjoyment, functionality, and resale value.

Each home owner must make their own decisions about cost verses value. However, a plus factor is weather or not the windows or doors meet the federal guidelines for energy efficiency, as this affects the home owners bottom line as well as possible tax credits. Of high importance in the low country is the DP rating of materials. Literally standing for "Design Pressure", this rating reflects how the glass used will stand up to winds. This is of particular importance on Hilton Head Island, and more than a few homeowners have been disappointed by ordering the windows of their dreams only to find the items in question did not meet code requirements.

Southern Services recommends working with a local supplier who understands the variable DP requirements based on a home's location. Also, we recommend using common sense, and evaluating any unique things about the homes construction or location that would cause unusually high winds on a routine basis.

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