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Going Green


Going Green
isn't JUST a good thing for the environment these days -- Going
Green means an owner won't throw away their money on bills they don't have to pay!

Despite the press, there are many people who don't really know what is meant by "Going Green". There are three basic activities which really turn a house-hold Green:

    - Building with Renewable resources (such as synthetics) prevents the destruction
      of trees
and other sources that can take centuries to replace themselves.
    - Energy efficient products are also considered green
(look for the Energy Saver
      tag on products)
    - Recycling water is another great way to go green. There are several options to do
      this, depending on the home in question,and would take an inspection to determine.

Southern Services can always perform renovations, repairs, and upgrades as green projects. 
Be sure to ask about making your home more green. Southern Services is happy to suggest ideas & solutions!

Some common suggestions on how to Go Green:
    - Maintain your home!
        Its the little things that add up the most, suck as water waste from leaks, the extra materials to repair those
        leaks, cooling and heating lost from doors that won't shut, etc. etc. A truely green home is  one where the owners
        make sure to do the upkeep
    - Sealing Your Attic (Home Energy Savings)
- Use Energy Saver Appliances & Faucets in your Kitchen & Bath
    - Hardwood Floors with Bamboo
- Tile Work with Recycled Materials Or Glass

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