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General Upkeep 

Southern Servcies routinely repairs ceilings, screen doors, fixes broken faucets, and does many other things you would expect of any full service home repair & maintenance company. There is no job too small for us, and we can usually provide prompt, same-day response  to keep renters happy.

Below are a few of the many day-to-day repairs Southern Services is happy to provide!

Ceilings with water damage

Maintaining Ventallation system

Stripping and sealing woodwork

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Cleaning Gutters

Southern Services has a policy that when we clean the gutters, we always clean the downspouts  - which is rarely done.

In the case to the right, our people found a 10 foot root in the downspout! Despite having her gutters professionally cleaned every year, the owner of this property had complained that the drain in question did not work properly until after Southern Services cleaned the gutters.

No wonder it didn't drain properly.... 


Broken Doors

Replacing Facets, Toilets, etc.

Believe it or not, a great way to keep your home energy - efficient ("Green") is to do the maintenance!

When a faucet leaks, some water is lost. Then, new materials may be needed to repair water damage.

A door or window that won't close isn't just unsighly, its also releasing heated or cooled air.

So, being a Green owner means you are an owner who won't throw away their money on bills you don't have to pay for!

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