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Many tools exist to help the average home owner decide on a contractor for major renovations. All too often, a home owner picks based solely on the price of a quoted project. Below are some things to think about, that most contractors will not point out to home owners about bids and estimations.


On a value-analysis, Southern Services typically wins bids. Our customers appreciate the quality of the work, and recognize they do not have the same issues three months to a year after the completion of remodel that some of their friends experience using a different criteria to select a vendor.

Project Examples
Our company builds relationships with customers, and many customers have done significant amounts of work on their properties, totally remodeling the interior in some cases. Quite a few customers are willing to let us show potential new customers work that is similar to what is being requested.

This is a fairly unique thing - most builders don't have ready access to the homes that they have remodeled. And, the proof is in the work; picutres just don't do the quality of work justice in many cases.

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