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Commercial Services 

Businesses operate on a different pace from individual owners, and need partners, vendors, or sub's who understand business needs and who can provide business solutions, options, at a reasonable cost.  Southern Services understands the pace of business, and is happy with work with customers whatever their needs.

Current customers include:

Rental Property Management Companies
Commercial Property Management Companies
National Property Maintenance Management Companies
Financial Service Centers
Numerous Local Businesses

The work relationship varies greatly. Many clients need essentially a one-time service and very infrequent maintenance. Examples include ordering and installing new door closing hardware at several local restaurants, and refurbishing every sliding glass door hardware at the several near-by hotels.

Others have a routine but variable task list that results in weekly tasks which vary from changing a light bulb to rebuilding failed structures on demand. All 9 the local property rental companies, and 3 national maintenance companies, have this relationship and are pleased with the results.

Other clients have a routine maintenance function they want taken over. Routine services can include quarterly gutter cleaning service and monthly light checks, preventative maintenance inspections, or, in one case, outsourcing all maintenance functions. Absentee home owners, three different bank chains, and several small business owners prefer this relationship, letting maintenance and building experts provide our recommendations.

Contact us to go over options and solutions to cover maintenance, improvements, or redesigns to your Commercial Property.

Southern Services is an Unlimited General Contractor, one of the few on Hilton Head Island. Many businesses and individuals struggle with finding qualified, insured vendors to work on the dozen or so structures that mandate a properly licensed contractor for all jobs.

While most business owners, like most home, condo, and town home owners, just look for a General Contractor, the few who need an Unlimited General Contractor certainly know the difference. We are hard to come by on a small island!

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