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Bathroom and Tile Renovations


Tile is a highly functional & durable product that continues to be popular on beach front property throughout the world. Southern Services does a good business in new tile work -- from flooring to kitchens to bathrooms, the Southern Services team can install just about any tile anywhere a home owner would want it! 

Tile Work can always be done green,
 if you use recycled tiles or glass tiles!

  Green Project

Bathrooms remodeling projects are one of the top return-on-investment remodeling projects, even out valuing kitchen remodels (according to CNN Money).

Several local American Rental Association members have recommended a "hit list" of top items to consider with a bathroom remodeling project, all designed to bring new life to the space and maximize return on investment (also maximizing the "wow" factor):
 -  Replace old tile. This is especially true if the tile has a dated look. Outdated tile gives the impression of a bathroom in need of remodeling or renovation.

 -  Refresh the ceiling. Over time, ceilings can become discolored or "dingy". You’ll notice a dramatic change if you liven it up with fresh new texture and paint.
 - Paint-In Personality. A new paint color is an easy and quick way to change the look and feel of the room. If a rental home, ask about the colors and looks in other homes that get positive feedback from your property management service.
 - Change hardware. Many faucets and cabinet hardware show the styles in vogue when they were made. Switching out old hardware is a great way to make a dramatic change in the look of your room.

 - Decorate. Make the revived space a reality by choosing accessories that tie into a decorating theme. Window treatments, throw rugs and wall art that work together make any room feel more complete and stylish. 

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