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Attic Tent


The amount of money you will save varies depending on the severity of your climate. The Attic Tent has been proven to reduce air transfer by at least 71%. That's less energy used to heat or cool your living area being lost into the attic.

The Attic Tent should pay for itself in one year!

  Green Project

                            Before Image thermal Image                                                Thermal Image after installation

                                        Images taken by Air Stratification HVAC Systems (

The Attic Tent is designed with non-corrosive, heavy-duty zippers that allow easy access to your attic while keeping insulation and dust particles in the attic. This improves indoor air quality and keeps the insulation off your floors.

The main problem affecting HVAC systems is "Infiltration" or air loss. The concept of conditioning a space is based on controlling a slight positive pressure. When a severe positive or negative pressure exist, a large amount of cooling is lost. Testing of homes in the Charlotte, North Carolina area showed Attic Tent combated 29% to 69% of the pressure difference in each home. The Attic Tent's resistance to an imbalance was measured as a constant, and the effective performance had more to do with the imbalance that existed in each home. While every home experienced savings, this implies homes with a higher pressure difference experience disporpal cost savings from Attic Tent. This study did not take into account square footage. 

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