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Southern Services believes in fixing the problem right, the first time -- whatever the problem may be. Every project comes with its fair share of unexpected surprises. That can't be avoided by any contractor. However, communication goes a long way to understanding all the issues, the remedies, and the options.

With absentee owners, there is a certain anxiety about repairs to their property. We assist home owners in making intelligent and informed decisions. In the case of absentee owners, we do so by photographing and emailing pictures of the problem, and (when requested) of the progress of the work. There are many satisfied customers that we have never met face-to-face!

Below is an example of pictures that might be (and were) emailed to an owner as the project progressed.

Frame One: The start of the project, removal of a few boards, spot checking for concealed damage where it is prone to form, and reporting back to the home owner

Frame Three: Removal of the top layer of insulation back to where rotted plywood was creating a problem. Removal of wood rot is the repair that was needed and contracted for.

Frame Five:A vapor barrier added. This is a moisture retardant. In high-humidity environments, this item prolongs the useful life of the insulation and siding underneath.

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Frame Two: The removal of the wood from the remainder of the wall, exposing the deteriorated insulation underneath.

Frame Four: Adding a layer of plywood to the home. While this much is exposed, it is an excellent time for a home owner to consider adding extra insulation, which will reduce the healing and cooling costs.

Frame Six: A new exterior wood layer added, designed and painted to match the original exactly. Only the home owner and the current neighbors are aware that a repair took place.
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